Woodland Carbon Sequestration Scheme


In 2019 – 2020 we planted nearly 900,00 trees, creating new woodlands that will absorb around 130,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help to reduce the effects of climate change.


Carbon Capture…

We support the creation of new woodlands in the UK for long-term carbon capture and storage. To tackle the climate crisis, efforts must first be placed on radically reducing carbon emissions by all individuals and industries. For greenhouse gas emissions that cannot be reduced, offsetting of carbon emissions through actions such as tree planting can help mitigate the impacts of climate change.  

This page is dedicated to carbon, but trees offer an abundance of benefits including mitigating flooding, maintaining soil nutrients, reducing pollution, creating shelter, regulating air temperature, providing habitats for biodiversity and offering great intrinsic value including the promotion of good mental health. In addition, as timber demand is set to rise, trees will provide the natural building blocks for construction, locking up carbon for decades to come. 

In 2019 -20 Forest Direct planted nearly 879,055 trees which will absorb around 127,103 tonnes of CO2 over a 65-year period. This is the equivalent of sequestering 16,724 UK households’ annual carbon emissions*. 

Forest Direct’s Role…

On behalf of the owners, we can guide them through the process of Woodland Validation and Verification under the Woodland Carbon Code (WCC). The WCC is the Government backed carbon standard for woodland creation projects. It ensures the voluntary Carbon Market is regulated and transparent, giving assurance that woodland carbon projects are sustainably managed and provides a reliable forecast of the carbon that will be locked up in the trees. This forecast is then used to provide the market with information on the number of carbon units which can be traded.

By bringing Woodland Creation developers and Carbon investors together, the WCC aims to stimulate new woodland planting by providing woodland owners with an opportunity to bridge the funding gap between overall cost of establishment and the Forestry Grant Scheme. Without the additional funding, new woodland schemes may not go ahead and the opportunity to provide carbon buyers with a personalised way of offsetting some or all of their carbon footprint would be lost.

As part of our wider woodland management and woodland creation services, and as a Woodland Carbon Code developer, Forest Direct has the knowledge and experience to guide interested parties through the whole process and can offer the following:

What we can do

  • Initial compliance and eligibility assessment and ensuring projects can be included in the WCC
  • Calculation of project-specific carbon sequestration estimates and advice on the potential value of the carbon asset
  • Registration and subsequent validation and verification of projects
  • Advice and assistance with the different mechanisms for trading the carbon, offering either an immediate return to offset establishment costs, holding units for future disposal or even retention for personal future carbon offsetting
  • Identification of potential investment partners and means of attracting carbon purchasers
  • Advising on trends, legislation changes and other issues that may impact on future carbon unit values
  • Identification of potential projects and development partners
  • Assurance that investment is made in responsible and effectively managed schemes that comply with national standards
  • Reliably estimate and confirm that the schemes will actually deliver the carbon savings they claim, backed up through an independent verification process


In addition to providing a registration, validation and verification service to clients we work for directly, this service is also available to other agents. 

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*Based on Confor’s figure of average annual carbon footprint of a UK home equating to 7.6 tonnes [Forestry & Timber News, 2020. Making strides to a Green Recovery. (101), p.7]


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