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Forest Direct: Scotland Forestry Management Consultants

We provide comprehensive forest management and consultancy services in Scotland, UK.

We are experienced in all practical aspects of cost-effective:

  • Woodland planning, thinning and clear fell harvesting and marketing
  • Brash harvesting, restocking and new planting

Our knowledge and experience in forestry consulting manages the woodland balance

Our list of satisfied clients is proof of the quality of our services served well for many years.

For more information regarding our services:

About us

We are driven to cultivate trees, the environment and excellent relationships with the local farming community.

Our services

We provide woodland planning, thinning and clear fell harvesting and marketing, brash harvesting and restocking as well as new planting.

Our team

Our team members are all skilled and integral in our business, and continue to raise the bar in their respective service fields.

When you need a woodlands partner,
you can trust Forest Direct.